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View from my office window…if you are there at sunrise.

View from my office window…if you are there at sunrise.


Who is Lois and why should I get on her level?

I thought you might appreciate knowing a little bit about me, Lois, and what The Lois Level is about.

Reading is and always has been my passion.  I know saying something is your “passion” is the thing nowadays, but my thing for books has always been on a rather disturbing level: The Lois Level.

I don’t expect you to read what I have to say because this is my “passion”, however.  I hope you might be interested in what I have to say because my passion for reading runs so deep that I became and English teacher and eventually a TRAINER of teachers, especially English teachers, and a curriculum writer.  

So this is started as a passion, but because of this passion, I got the education and experience to have something to share that is worth your valuable time. 

I am also a giant extrovert. I am so curious about other people that I spent more than a decade living and working outside of the United States, in the Middle and Far East.  The wonderful people I got to know from all over the world, by living in international capital cities, and the amazing experiences that I have had have also opened up new worlds of reading for me. 

I love my country, but what I’ve learned is that despite outward differences, we are all a lot the same.  To me, difference is interesting and something to explore. 

I want to share these experiences with readers as much as possible, through both the topics covered and by bringing in followers of The Lois Level from many parts of the world.   

For me, everything I learn becomes a new question, and new questions lead to different books. 

Another thing I learned from my years as an educator is the universal importance that the adults in children’s lives play in the children’s well being.

So what I want The Lois Level to be is a place will you will be entertained and educated…but also a place where you will get the tools you need to positively influence those around you, especially but not limited to the children in your life.

And because I believe, fundamentally, that good reading material should be publically available to all who want it, I restrict the books that appear here to the public libraries I have access to and (legally) free digital/Internet based materials.   

If you aren’t sure how to find these books for yourself, I write about that too! 

Thank you so much for joining us, and please shoot me an email if you have suggestions or ideas. 

Read well xx


Lois’ Publications:

Internationalism in an Internment Camp: J.G. Ballard’s Childhood Experiences as depicted in Empire of the Sun and Miracles of Life. International School Magazine. Winter 2019, pp.52-53.

Francesca Lia Block: Teenager’s need for Magic in the Real World. Alan Review v. 29 n. 2, Winter 2002.

Doctoral Dissertation:

Putting it together: A descriptive study of intertextuality among young adolescents (unpublished).



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