Reading Your Way Into the Christmas Spirit

Whatever the situation, I always think a good book can help. That’s just the way I roll. So if you want to get into the Christmas spirit literarily, here are some great options…most of which you can find in your local library.

The right book can also make a great group gift, meaning one gift you can give to the entire family rather than springing for individual gifts.

Here are three great options.

  1. For Newlyweds or New Parents

    Unplug the Christmas Machine is a classic how-to book about making the holidays less hectic and more meaningful. How many of us have found ourselves sucked into so many “have to’s” that are important to other people that we don’t find ourselves with anything left…or any time left…for the things WE find important. Sometimes, it’s hard to even find the time to figure out what those things are.

    This is also a great book for you to read yourself if you feel that you’re spending the holidays on the run because of someone else’s agenda.

2. For a Family Gift

I love this classy collection of classic poems, stories, and other short writings about the holiday. Kennedy addresses many ethnicities and cultures that together make us ‘Merica, y’all. Perfect for daily readings during the holiday season.

The book is beautifully designed and has a well chosen selection of readings…honestly, I’m a fan of all of Caroline Kennedy’s poetry collections, so check them out if you don’t want to go with the Christmas book.

I usually resort to family gifts once the family has passed the 2 child mark and the youngest is at least a preschooler. At that point, you can be shelling out $50+ for a family unit and still not be getting them anything meaningful. When there is a younger child, it’s nice to come through with a board book for him or her.

3. For the Adult Who Needs a “Booster Shot” of the Christmas Spirit.

Not everyone has a “child centered” Christmas; not everyone want to.

Christmas is a holiday for everyone. Some people aren’t especially interested in raising a family at all, and many of us find ourselves with some times of life where there aren’t kids around…and that doesn’t mean the holidays should be any less.

I am in one of those stages myself right now: my daughter is grown, but she doesn’t have children of her own yet. After years of making memorable Christmases for her, honestly, sometimes I find myself in the “Bah humbug” frame of mind.

This book, a historical study of St. Nicholas (but not too detailed or dry), is perfect for people in this situation, especially if you are exchanging presents before the holiday.

Peace on earth, good will to all people…whatever you are doing, enjoy your day. xxTLL

Photo: Coleman’s Nursery Christmas Nativity; Portsmouth, VA