The Lois Level Reads Wyoming.

Books written by Wyomingites and/or Set in Wyoming

Books written by Wyomingites and set in Wyoming


Annie Proulx’s most famous work might be “Brokeback Mountain”, which is included in the collection below.

The full text of the original story is available from The New Yorker, where it was originally published: “Brokeback Mountain”

Annie Proulx has lived in Saratoga for part of each year since 1994.

C.J. Box was born and grew up in Casper. Open Season is the first in his long running Joe Pickett series.

Craig Johnson lives in Ucross. The Cold Dish is the first in his long running Longmire mysteries.

Katherine Newlin Burt lived on a ranch outside Jackson Hole.

Tim Sandlin lives in Jackson. He spent his childhood summers with his father in Grand Teton National Park.

Nina McConigley is from Casper.

Alyson Hagy teaches at the University of Wyoming.

W. Michael Gear, with his wife, Kathleen O’Neal Gear, has written and entire series of books about indigenous nations of North America with an emphasis on factual correctness. He lives in Thermopolis.

C.M. Wendelboe is from Cheyenne.

Mark Spragg is from Northwest Wyoming.


Elinore Pruitt Stewart lived in Rock Springs.

Ron Franscell is from Casper.

Jeffery A. Lockwood is a professor at the University of Wyoming.

Judy Shephard lives in Casper.

Bill Sniffin lives in Lander.

Gretel Ehrlich was living on a ranch in Wyoming when she wrote The Solace of Open Spaces.

Cat Urbigkit lives on a ranch in Western Wyoming.

Harold McCracken created the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody.

Sportscaster Curt Gowdy was born in Green River.

Robin White Plume is from the Wind River Reservation.

Lawrence M. Woods is from Worland.

Tory Taylor was born at the foot of Pikes Peak.

Leslie Patten lives outside of the most remote part of Yellowstone National Park.

Older Children/Young Adult

Mary O’Hara lived on a ranch between Laramie and Cheyanne.


Other books by Wyomingites


Kathleen O’Neal Gear lives in Thermopolis. She also co-writes with her husband, W. Michael Gear (see above).

Karen Schutte is from Northwest Wyoming.


Lynne Cheney is from Casper and is former Second Lady of the United States.

Nathaniel Burt grew up outside Jackson Hole.

Older Children and Young Adults

Other books set in Wyoming


Owen Wister is most famous for his novel The Virginian, which by some is considered the first “true” cowboy novel. Wister visited Wyoming often but never lived there.

Janet Dailey


Older Children/Young Adult

How we pick the books:

Please comment at the bottom or on Facebook with suggestions. The idea is to make each state’s page as complete as possible but focused enough so that the page gives the reader an overall sense of place.


In the case where the author has written several books set in the state, the most famous or recently published one will be selected. Multiple books will be shown only if there is a reason to do so (e.g. significant topics, different genres, etc.). The author may be listed in more than one category, usually because the author’s most famous book is not set in the state. The famous book is listed to help readers recognize the author, but additional, less well known books, will be listed for those who want to read more about the state. The intended audience for the The Lois Level is adult general readers, so books considered primarily for academic use will not be listed. For the same reason, authors who are completely out of print will usually not be included. Children’s books are limited to those that have adult appeal. Normally picture books are not included. Recent and significant biographies of state notables are included with priority given to those written by state natives/residents or to individuals whose major contributions were state related.

Biographical Information about authors:

Wikipedia and author web pages are the primary sources for author information. If the author has several connections, usually the earliest one (birth, childhood) is used.

http://www.cgpgrey.com / CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)

http://www.cgpgrey.com / CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)

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