Tip #6

Reader Tip List

This is a round up of our weekly Reader Tip that run weekly on The Lois Level’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Enjoy!


If you see a shamrock icon on a Libby book, it means you can “skip the line” (holds) and check it out instantly!

Reader Tip #5

Amazon saves all the notes and highlights you put in a Kindle book that you can highlight forever…even from a Libby library book!


Maintain an Amazon List of all the books you want to read that aren’t yet published…Amazon puts them up months in advance. Delete them as you read them.


The Libby Library app for ebooks and audio books lets you add numerous library cards and will tell you which library has the shortest wait times for holds. Check with the libraries in your metro area, region, and/or state to see if you qualify for a card (based on residency and work location). Check here for more info on Libby


If you find yourself buying books because you can’t wait to get to the top of your library holds list, see if your library offers book rental. You get instant gratification for a low cost, and the money raised supports library programming.

Reader Tip #1

If you use the Libby app for Kindle books, always scroll to the bottom of the book description to confirm that the book is available for Kindle. Other formats require a device that supports apps, such as a smartphone, tablet, or Kindle fire.