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I hope you can sit and stay a while!

I love settling in for a nice read anywhere…such as a friendly sidewalk cafe.

Hi all!

The Lois Level is a space for those who are passionate about reading for its own sake but also as a way to learn about the world, grow as a person, and be and do better at whatever you were put on this earth to do.

Because we love to share our reading with our friends as much as you do, we also include resources to make your book clubs easy and fun!

We believe that your ability to achieve these goals should not be hampered by the money that you have…or don’t…so we skip what’s “hot” and “new” in favor of what is entertaining, meaningful, thought provoking, and (legally) available at little or no cost.

Unlike the other guys, we do not accept advance reader copies…all of our books are sourced through public libraries and legal online resources…so when you’re on The Lois Level, you won’t be frustrated by being unable to find (or having to pay a lot) the books we recommend.

Pirating books or reading material is stealing from the people who take the trouble to create them for us, so we will never knowingly send you to resources that share intellectual property illegally.

Having U.S. residency or a U.S. address will give you access to many of the materials here. If you don’t have that, an Amazon.com account helps, but if you don’t even have that (or have restrictions based on your country of residence), there are still many resources here that require nothing more than internet access and some sort of device. You don’t even need a particularly strong connection.

The only thing you really need is an inquisitive mind…and a willingness to read in English.

Drop a line anytime and tell us what you’d like to see on The Lois Level!

How is it possible for such great reading material to be free or low cost?

Most of the reading material we find is low cost for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. It’s readily available in a decently sized public library.

  2. It’s in the public domain, which means that the original copyright ran out and no one renewed it.

  3. Digital or sometimes paper copies are available at low cost because the book has been out a while or is under appreciated.

This page is a guide to good reading, but it’s also the narrative of my reading life. I hope you enjoy the trip. xx Lois

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More Lois Level tips:

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We may at times accept promotional fees, but only if the book or product fits our mission, including being available to the public at low cost through libraries or other means. Contact Lois@theloislevel.com for more information.

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